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Since 1959, Bunting® has provided cutting-edge magnetic technology to support the operations of the plastics industry. Bunting’s wide range of equipment features magnetic separation products, metal detection devices, material handling conveyors, printing cylinders, custom magnets and magnetic assemblies, in-stock neodymium magnets, and more.

Bunting Magnetics

JACOB components can be used to configure even the most complex tubing systems. Our range of products is comprised of over 8,000 standardized parts.  If that’s not enough, we are pleased to manufacture customized parts for you, which will allow you, for example, to connect our tubing system to your existing systems and machines.

Company Overview

F Series Cleaning

Metal Detection

System Overview

Cyclone w/Silencer

Conair is able to offer concrete solutions across the entire spectrum of auxiliary equipment and plastics processes. Whether you are an injection molder, an extruder, blow molder, thermoformer, rotomolder or compounder, Conair has auxiliary equipment solutions for you.

Product categories include: Blending, Conveying, Drying, Heat Transfer, Material Storage, and Downstream Extrusion.